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Banquet Hall Grand Opening!

We will be able to accommodate groups of 100+. We will serve a comprehensive buffet lunch each Sunday with expanded variety. Fresh vegetables, prime meat, and excellent recipes will be commonplace. We hope to become a favorite for all west Kentuckians. We will “bring it” and we they will come.  New renovations include furniture, state of the art prep and cooking equipment, industrial dish washing equipment, stainless steel counter tops, a screened in patio for dining and relaxation, and many more improvements.

History shows that Marion County Club was once a busy and welcoming place to be. With our renovations, new procedures and staff, we’re taking a leap of faith in investment to restore the club back to it’s original glory with quality product at fair prices. We’re looking forward to you as the community to back us and help fill it with the warmth of your company. 

The restaurant seating area has been upgraded and tastefully decorated. Some comments regarding eliminating the murals has been negative. We underestimated this concern. However, we consider that if you keep doing the same things in the same manner you usually continue to get the same results. With fading involvement and support, we felt the need to reevaluate, not necessarily make changes. It is our sincere desire and passion to have an addition that the citizens of Marion and western Kentucky take great pride in hearing and being a part of rather than a very expensive vision for my family and bore friends. We’re reestablishing another piece of “heritage” our community to be proud of.

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