Committed To Excellence

The Course

Much thought has gone into balancing the beauty of nature and bringing functionality to The Heritage at Marion Country Club Golf Course. The towering black oaks and picturesque dogwood trees frame the fairways and manicured Bentgrass greens. There is an abundance of vegetation, numerous small lakes, creeks, and streams to create the right backdrop for your every game.  

In a continuing effort to increase the level of excellence at the course, we will soon begin requesting that members to carry sand in their carts to replace divots they make when playing. We will mix seed with sand to help keep our fairways looking and playing like an elite golf course. 

We also want to establish a slope rating through the Kentucky Golf Course Association. With established handicaps we could have both low gross and low net prizes as well as expand tournament play using the handicap system.


Course Updates IN PROCESS


Our greens are among the best in the area. We brought in professionals to deep drill them to stimulate the foundation of the turf. We are closely monitoring the conditions to ensure continual improvement. We will begin vertical cut procedure with the purchase of new equipment. Proper aeration and sanding in timely manner is required to maintain the conditions. 


Some fairways are very patchy and prevent us from being able to play the ball down due to their condition. We have sought help from professionals in order to encourage our Bermuda to cover the bare spots. This requires specialized stimulants of the turf and additional seed and daily watering to be able to get the current condition improved substantially. In order to improve the conditions long term, we will work on a drainage system later this year.

We plan to lower the fairway grass to about 1/2 inch. The rough will be kept at a level where balls can be located relatively easily to provide for play not to be delayed just because you are in “prime rough.” We purchased a new high performance blower to help clear mowed grass, leaves and certain debris to help the finding of the ball in play during normal weather conditions.  We will encourage our members to play summer rules (ball down) at generally accepted times in which balls are not toward to improve “lies.”

Sand Traps

Sand traps will be enlarged on most of our holes. New sand will also be purchased to provide for playable bunkers. 


In time we want to rework tees to level tee boxes. This project will be delayed until fall.


We are trimming some trees due to dead limbs. Other deceased trees will be cut down on two or three holes. We will trim trees that block clear shots even when you might be in the fairway. We will not totally eliminate this natural “hazard” but will make the conditions a bit more fair when shots remain in a reasonably fair portion of the fairway.

In the near term we will have proper signage on the road about our club. Also, the driveway entrance will be paved after settling has been achieved from work recently done. 

Selective cart path repairs, painting of yard markers and bird houses are underway. 

Course Rules

Etiquette & Course Care

Some local rules are needed and accepted to promote good and sound golf practices and policies.

Etiquette: The staff may remove a golfer or group for obnoxious and offensive behavior; profanity, gross intoxication; abusing or damaging the course; hitting into golfers playing ahead or other unsafe golfing practices; refusal to let faster groups play through. Refusal to obey course signs and refusing to check into the Pro Shop. Golfers who are removed from the course will forfeit any fees paid, and risk membership suspension.

Everyone must sign in at the Pro Shop before teeing off at all times.

  • Course CareDivots must always be replaced. Sand traps: footprints and blast holes must always be raked. Repair your ball mark and one other.
  • Riding Carts: Must be kept at least 40 feet from all greens. Avoid wet and soft areas. FOLLOW ALL cart signs. Where available carts must stay on paths.
  • Cart Rules will be strictly enforced. Daily updates on cart rules will be posted in the Pro Shop.
  • Violations of cart rules will result in loss of cart privileges.
  • Please drive your golf carts with care and caution!! Drive slowly around clubhouse!! Infractions will result in loss of cart privileges.
  • Dress Code: Golfers should be properly dressed. Denim, tank tops, scripted tee-shirts and cut-offs are not allowed during play. Shirts and shoes must be worn. Soft spikes are mandatory. Men must wear shirts tucked in.
  • Appropriate golf attire and a positive mental attitude is recommended!
  • Children: Children under 10 may not roam around the property without a responsible adult and must be properly supervised at all times.
  • Litter: Take pride and use trash containers.
  • Do NOT use the facilities trash dumpster for dumping personal trash from your homes, since the restaurant has closed we have reduced the size of the dumpster to meet the needs of the Pro Shop and not the community. 
  • Pets: Pet's are not allowed on the GREENS, restrict pets to cart paths only. Failure to comply may result in a policy change.
  • Do NOT Feed the Cat's, they are not pets and have become a nuisance to sheds and course.  You may find homes for them, a new litter has been noticed and will be taken to the shelter for relocation.
  • No play is allowed on any day before 6:00 a.m.. * NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!

Please repair ball marks, replace or sand divots and rake bunkers.