The Heritage Country Club is private AND swim membership IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE Pool AREA

               "2018 Summer Swim OPEN to the Public on Tuesday and Thursday 1pm - 5pm $5.00 per person"

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Monday – Friday : 11:00am - 6pm

  • PRIVATE Member's Only

  • Marion Stingray swim team practice : Monday - Friday 8am-10:30am (weather permitting)

  • The pool hours during the Stingray swim team practice will open a half hour later to allow the pool to be reset for daily swimmers.  The life guard will ask all swimmers and parents to take a break an leave the pool area.  The gates may be locked to prevent anyone from entering the pool area while the life guard performs daily pool opening tasks.  Parents must always watch their children when entering the club property.  Golf course maintenance equipment, vehicles and golfers are consistently moving about.  Please drive slowly in the parking areas and do not allow children to play on the putting green.

  • Refrain from loud sudden noises near the Pro Shop when golfers are the Ninth hole putting green.

     Saturday: 11am - 6pm

(Sat pm pool hours may close early, due to pool traffic)

  • PRIVATE Member's Only

  • During golf tournaments there will be more than usual traffic in and around the club, please walk young children to the Pro Shop . The Snack Shack will open soon!

  • Book a Pool Party - $150 plus cost of life guards

Sunday - 1pm - 5pm

  • PRIVATE Member's Only

  • Book an early Pool Party (10am - 12:30pm)

  • For current information on Swim Memberships and Pool Parties, Please contact our Pro Shop Department at  270-965-5415 Or email

  • All Members must register in the Pro Shop every time you visit the club.  Guest with members are subject to swim fee's and are limited to a number of visits and may pickup an application for pool membership in the Pro Shop.

  • Pool is subject to close due to weather or PM pool traffic