Golf Etiquette

Country Club Rules, Etiquette & Course Care

Course Rules

Some local rules are needed and accepted to promote good and sound golf practices and policies. The golf staff / rangers have full authority on the course as directed by management.

Etiquette: The staff may remove a golfer or group for obnoxious, offensive, threatening or abusive behavior; profanity, abusing or damaging the course, gross intoxication; hitting into golfers playing ahead or other unsafe golfing practices; refusal to let faster groups play through. Refusal to obey course signs and refusing to check into the Pro Shop. Golfers who are removed from the course will forfeit any fees paid, and risk membership suspension.

Everyone must sign in at the Pro Shop before teeing off at all times.

The following course care regulations are implemented to better serve our members and guests and protect the future improvements and conditions of the golf course:

  • Course Care: Divots must always be replaced. Sand traps: footprints and blast holes must always be raked. Repair your ball mark and one other.
  • Pull carts must be kept off tees and greens.
  • Each Golfer is responsible for monitoring potential hazardous weather. Golfers are encouraged to seek shelter at the first sign of threatening conditions. Please remember LIGHTNING KILLS!!
  • Riding Carts: Must be kept at least 40 feet from all greens. Avoid wet and soft areas.
  • FOLLOW ALL cart signs. Where available carts must stay on paths.
  • Cart Rules will be strictly enforced. Daily updates on cart rules will be posted in the Pro Shop.
  • When approaching a green area, drive carts around sand traps, not between traps and the green.
  • Violations of cart rules will result in loss of cart privileges.
  • Please drive your golf carts with care and caution!! Drive slowly around clubhouse!! Infractions will result in loss of cart privileges.
  • Every golfer must have a set of clubs, a putter, and a golf bag.
  •  A maximum of two players are allowed per golf cart. (little children don't apply)
  • Dress Code: Golfers should be properly dressed. Denim, tank tops, scripted tee-shirts and cut-offs are not allowed during play. Shirts and shoes must be worn. Soft spikes are mandatory. Men must wear shirts tucked in.
  • Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing. Any misuse or disregard of these rules may be cause for forfeiture of privileges with no refund of fees already paid.
  • Appropriate golf attire and a positive mental attitude is recommended!
  • Children: Children under 10 may not roam around the property without a responsible adult and must be properly supervised at all times.
  • Litter: Take pride and use trash containers.
  • Do NOT use the facilities trash dumpster for dumping personal trash from your homes, since the restaurant has closed we have reduced the size of the dumpster to meet the needs of the Pro Shop and not the community. 
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed on the GREENS, restrict pets to cart paths only. Failure to comply may result in a policy change.
  • Do NOT Feed the Cat's, they are not pets and have become a nuisance to sheds and course.  You may find homes for them, a new litter has been noticed and will be taken to the shelter for relocation.
  • No play is allowed on any day before 6:00 a.m.. * NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!

Please repair ball marks, replace or sand divots and rake bunkers.

Thank you for following the Country Club Rules, Etiquette & Course Care regulations.  We look forward to serving you this season!