History of Marion Country Club

In the early 1960s a group of community-minded men and women saw as their goal the need to create a place to “promote good health through exercise and to promote social interaction among the residents of Marion and the surrounding areas.”

The idea of building a golf course and swimming pool became their goal and a detailed layout of the golf course and club house was approved in December 1963. By August the next year they had sold more than 400 shares of stock which funded the construction of the clubhouse, golf course and swimming pool area on the newly acquired 56 acres.  When the funds from the stock ran out three years later, the club borrowed funds and many local business people donated hundreds of hours and furnished equipment to help complete the club. 

Early in the clubs history the lack of finances allowed for members to use their own pickup trucks, tractors, or other vehicles as golf carts as long as it didn’t disturb other members. The club has come along way since that ruling in the late 1960’s and has grown and developed to be the community center the founders dreamed of with a variety of golf tournaments, charity events for local organizations, a new Olympic style swimming pool open to the public on certain days, and a soon to be opened remodeled restaurant.