Course Etiquette & Rules

dress code

Please adhere to our Dress Code and advise your guests in advance. Dress code will be strictly enforced at all times.


Gentlemen and their male guests, including male family members of all ages, must wear collared or mock collared shirts and tailored slacks or golf shorts of a specific length (no shorter that 4 inches from the mid knee) anywhere on the property, except where more formal attire is required. Shorts that end below the knee are not allowed. Cargo pants are not allowed. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times. Hawaiian type (camp) shirts and elastic bottom shirts may be worn without being tucked in. Hats cannot be worn indoors. Billed hats must be worn bill forward.  


Ladies and their female guests, including children of all ages, must wear skirts, skorts, tailored slacks, or golf shorts. The specific length of all except slacks is 5 inches from the mid knee. Women’s shirts must have either sleeves or collars or both. Women’s golf shirts must be a minimum of 2 inches in width on the shoulders.    

Jeans Policy

Jeans are permitted in casual areas of the club house only.

Jewelry & Spikes

Golf attire is permitted in the Patio area at all times, and in the dining room before and following golfing events. Golf shoes with metal spikes are not to be worn on Club premises including the golf course  

All attire sold in the pro-shop may not meet The Heritage at Marion Dress Code.

General CLUB Rules

Cellular Phones

Cell phone usage on the golf course,inside the clubhouse and outside patio area is prohibited except in the case of an emergency.

Cell Phone Policy

Tee Times

All golfers must sign in before play. If a tee time has been made in advance, they will be honored. As our membership grows it will require much more planning to maximize the number of players we can commodity and will still maintain an acceptable pace of play. 

Ball Marks & Divots

Course rules will be in place that require players to fix ball marks and fill in divots during play. Management, at its own discretion, may take action that could prevent further play by patrons that do not follow course rules repeatedly.